Jingye Han

I am a PhD student of Wuhan University.
Email: hanjingye@whu.edu.cn, jingye.han@wur.nl
Research Interest: crop model, phenotyping, deep learning, remote sensing

I am looking for a post-doctoral position that about crop model/remote sensing.


  • 2017.9-present, Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Wuhan University. MSc& PhD.
  • 2022.5-present, Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing , Wageningen University & Research. Guest PhD.
  • 2013.6-2017.9 , Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering, Wuhan University. BSc.


  • Agro-hydrology Modelling
    Experienced ORYZA, SWAP and DSSAT model user with an in-depth knowledge of the plant and soil water processes represented in the model
  • Data Assimilation Frameworks
    Experienced Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) user and implementation of EnKF algorithm with the ORYZA2000 model
  • Deep Learning
    Experienced DL user (packages: Pytorch, Tensorflow, & Caffe) with an in-depth knowledge of the algorithms for Image data (i.e., RGB image) and time-series data (i.e., soil water)
  • Programming
    Proficient in Python, MATLAB and Fortran



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  2. Han, J., Shi, L., Yang, Q., Huang, K., Zha, Y., Yu, J., (2021). Real-time detection of rice phenology through convolutional neural network using handheld camera images. Precision Agriculture. 22, 154–178.
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In preparing

  1. DeepOryza: A knowledge-guilded machine learning for rice growth simulation


  1. Jiahe Assistant APP
  2. Field level yield prediction


  • Easy weather: Get weather data as the input of crop grow model.
  • Easy DOY: Transfer the date to day of year.
  • Easy NDVI: Get time-series NDVI data from Landsat.
  • Rice Diagnose: Use CNN to extract rice growth information from near-surface RGB image.
    Doesn’t work now because I don’t have a GPU server for this tool